Imagine the buzz. DigiCamper is coming to the neighbourhood. The kids are excited. Broadband is rubbish round here, and it’s too expensive to get 3 or 4G on your phone.  But DigiCamper is bringing free wifi, for one day at least, we can do what we want online. The kids cluster around DigiCamper and Instagram and SnapChat are flooded with pictures and videos of their friends and the van. They want to know more, and they learn that nothing in life is free, even free wifi, if they want to carry on using it they have to tell their families what is going on, and their parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles are soon joining them.

Some of the new arrivals are new to the internet, or lack confidence in using it, and DigiCamper is well-equipped to help them progress online. Others have a story to tell and DigiCamper helps them use digital tools they have never encountered before to tell those stories to the world. Some of the stories are captured there and then and broadcast to a global audience. Talking to each other, some of those present come to a common realisation that their community doesn’t get a fair deal from the mainstream media and that it is time someone did something about it. They decide to form a group to collect and present stories about individuals and groups on a local blog.

Digital transformation is vital to the future of organisational development. And yet many organisations are held back from making vital changes by the fact that the people they serve, and often their own staff, are not comfortable with digital tools. DigiCamper will both operate in ways and reach into locations that other kinds of training resources cannot.

DigiCamper is a social Enterprise established by Digital Storyteller, John Popham. It is seeking to raise funding of £15,000 to buy and equip a Campervan as DigCamper and get it on the road. If you would like to be a founding sponsor of this exciting project, which could bring its resources to assist your staff and customers, please get in touch